Wandering Volunteer Weekly

In an exciting development, today I have launched Wandering Volunteer Weekly, an on-line publication that brings together in one place great content from around the web on many aspects of International Volunteering.

Weekly Volunteer Weekly

Weekly Volunteer Weekly

With this initiative I hope to provide a mix of real life stories and experiences from volunteers around the world, together with practical tips and advice for those considering volunteering. We live in an age where volunteering abroad has become an industry (volun-tourism) and profit and loss accounts sometimes benefit more from voluntary activity than the projects themselves. So I hope Wandering Volunteer Weekly helps to guide those interested to ‘keep it real’, by identifying and highlighting ethical and sustainable volunteering opportunities. I’m really keen to provide the best content available so would welcome feedback. If you’re considering volunteering abroad and there’s something you’d like to read about and learn that’s not covered within the Weekly then get in touch with me and I’ll try to cover it in future editions. Likewise, if you’re an organisation or blogger, who’d like to showcase your work then also get in touch.

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