It’s NOT a Holiday! : The A – Z Guide to Group Travel.

It's NOT a Holiday! The A - Z Guide to Group Travel

It’s NOT a Holiday!
The A – Z Guide to Group Travel

This is a brilliant, warmly written encyclopedia that I commend to all group travellers as essential reading. It invites you in, makes you feel welcome, then has you roaring your pants off with laughter.

But this book is not just an exercise in humour, it’s a survival guide that helps to inform and prepare you for your trip: the pitfalls to avoid, the challenges you’ll face, the fun you shouldn’t miss out on and the best way to get along with your group.

Adopting an A-Z format it takes you from Activities to Zero, stopping off en-route via subjects such as Corrugations, Flapping (a personal favourite – strangely theraputic), Hookers (not related to Flapping), Offshore Drilling Permits (closely related to an activity hookers engage in), Punch Party and Yak Shit (useful when cooking apparently).

As you would expect from two authors who have walked the walk, by leading groups over 5 continents for nearly 10 years each, they have navigated the subject of group travel with precision. This book takes in every important scenic, historic and culinary destination (if you’ll excuse this analogy – I really mean handy survival tips), with some essential lessons in diplomacy thrown in.

Drawing on their years of experience, the co-authors provide a plethora of outrageous personal anecdotes, which at times will have you simultaneously laughing and shaking your head in disbelief.

Armed with the observations they’ve made of travellers over their many years of group travel they have identified 20 stereotypical characters who they introduce you to early on in the book, they then use these `types’ to illustrate, often hilariously, the topics covered within the A to Z.

Ranging over 319 pages every possible scenario is covered with a format that means it can be picked up, put down and used for reference, as well as for amusement!

It’s NOT a Holiday.

The A-Z Guide to Group Travel. 

Andy N Robinson and Kirsty MacGregor

Black Frog Publishing

Copies of the book can be obtained directly from the publisher, here.

or alternatively, through amazon, here.

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    • Or should I say – hear, hear… Been a long day! But a great end to the day reading your review 🙂

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