Go Hard or Go Home


Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 16.31.16After a decade of overlanding experience each, authors Andy and Kirsty cannot leave the thrill of an adrenalin rushed adventure behind them, or that would seem to be the case when you consider that on the day of their publishing debut they launch not one but two books!

The first of these books, Go Home or Go Hard, is an excellent, pithy guide to the etiquette of overland group travel. Written as a series of vignettes the sense of humour and mischief essential for the proper enjoyment of overland adventures is evident throughout.

For those considering an overland, while you can’t be guaranteed to experience each of the 160 scenarios, you will gain a real flavour for the fun and challenges that await you. Old timers will recognise most of the guidance and you’ll be reminiscing and chuckling away as you read them.

The book provides the reader with the sensibility of the everyday overland experience. Covering all scenarios: camping, cooking, what to do when things go wrong, group dynamics and of course sex (out of dorms is great, in dorms isn’t) the authors no-nonsense tips highlight the necessary conduct for self preservation, or in this case how to avoid becoming the most talked about member of your overland group!

With Christmas creeping up on us, this would make an ideal stocking filler for the adventurer in your life.

Go Home or Go Hard.

The little book of overlanding. 

Andy N Robinson and Kirsty MacGregor

Black Frog Publishing

Copies of the book can be obtained directly from the publisher, here.

or alternatively, through amazon, here.

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    We are thrilled Wandering Volunteer enjoyed our new book ‘Go Hard or Go Home: The Little Book of Overlanding’, especially since he knows a thing or two about travelling and is about to set off on a massive overland journey around Africa. Thank you 🙂 Read his full review here…

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