Kokrobite, an amazing place to chill

A weekend spent in Kokrobite, at Big Milly’s, as well as swimming or eating the very best of African pizzas at Kokrobite Garden is one of life’s great pleasures.

After a week of teaching, even our four hour journey to this rasta beach haven cannot dim the anticipation and excitement.

Whether its the sound and action of the ocean waves breaking, the chilled friends that you’ll make – within 30 mins everyone will know your name – or the epic (there is no other word) Friday drum and dance night and Saturday reggae party, this tropical paradise makes you feel right at home.

The cast of people who make this place special is lengthy, but a big SHOUT OUT to my main man Prince Joe, all round top dude and culinary master of the best chicken and rice, bar none. Check out his shack just on the approach to Milly’s, your taste buds will be watering from the delicious aroma before you even get to set eyes on his place.

Read my tripadvisor review for Big Milly’s Backyard here.

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