Ghana – Fulani Volunteer School

A small selection of photo’s, taken in Summer/Autumn 2013, from my time volunteering at Fulani School, Eastern Province, Ghana.

The children and their parents were a real inspiration, as were my fellow volunteers.

This school was the vision of one of the villagers, Karim, who made contact with a local volunteering organisation and persuaded them that his community’s children deserved an education. He successfully articulated his and the community’s vision and in less than a year Fulani school was up and running. While the building is basic and the school is not yet supported or recognised by the Ghanaian education authorities; it is run entirely by volunteers who are people like you and me, there is an amazing sense of community.

3 responses to “Ghana – Fulani Volunteer School

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  2. We take for education for granted and forget there are millions of kids all over the world who simply don’t have the opportunity for an education. The determination of a few people can make such a difference to lives of those less fortunate.

    • Debs, thank you for adding this comment. You are quite right, there is so much we take for granted. I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to read my earlier post, ‘The Middle of Nowhere’? The picture I attempt to paint of the journey, on foot, from our drop of point to the school was quite a way, yet after a while the children came out every morning, to the road side and waited there for us to arrive, then carried the books and other resources for us all the back to the school. Now that’s what I call enthusiasm for learning!

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