Volunteering Abroad – An Introduction

image courtesy of http://www.geovisions.org

image courtesy of http://www.geovisions.org

In this section I hope, over time, to develop a series of posts that provide an insight into undertaking voluntary work abroad. Let me say right here at the top that it is certainly a lot of fun to volunteer and get involved, as it’s extremely rewarding, but it’s not all a picnic in the park.

If you do it right and immerse yourself, there’ll come a time when you discover things that you’ll question.

My intention therefore is to offer good quality practical advice, based on my personal experiences. As the cliche goes, I’ll present the ‘Good (and it’s exceptionally good), the Bad and the (sometime potential for) Ugly.

Over recent years volunteering abroad has grown to such an extent that is now an established part of the travel industry. There is even a term that has been coined for it, Volun-tourism.

While this sadly means that a profit motive has crept in, it shouldn’t deter you from getting involved. There are still plenty of opportunities to volunteer independently of ‘tour operators’ and it should also be said that the involvement of the travel industry has meant that volunteering has become far more accessible and a more realistic choice for wider numbers of people.

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