These are a selection of blogs that, for various reasons, I keep an eye on and follow;

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Overland professionals – Excellent blog by professional enthusiasts,  Kirsty McGregor and Andy Robinson, this series of blogs provides a essential introduction into the overland experience – Dream makers, Nuff said. – A wonderful blog run by Deb’s and Theimo which is packed full of informative articles. I adore their strong emphasis on community involvement, this is travelling at it’s positive and benevolent best. Don’t just visit, contribute!

Solo travellers – A great writer and traveller, who punctures through the superficiality to bring thought provoking post on wonderfully quirky themes. – The blog that first inspired me to write and why not? It’s about travelling and cakes. What’s not to like?!

My fellow Africa overlanders and an earlier Africa overland here:

Ghanaian volunteers

One response to “Blogs

  1. Thanks for your support. Look forward to your travel posts in the new year. Glad we can definitely meet up now I have the elusive Ghana visa. Why cant they be like Guinea where I just got the visa for today – walked in to consulate in Bamako, Mali was taken immediately to the very friendly lady official, paid money, handed over photos, they even filled the form in for me. Was out the door with visa in 5 mins.

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